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Mark Levin justifiably implies that Judge Debra Nelson looks like a man   July 11, 2013

Michael Savage accurately describes hipsters as “morons”

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During the 3-hour commercial for his books that he calls a “radio show”– Mark Levin justifiably implied that corrupt Judge Debra Nelson was so unattractive that one could reasonably mistake her for a man…

“(Zimmerman) keeps calling her ‘yes sir’…well, take a look. It’s close…”

Mark Levin Show July 11.

No, seriously…

Before she recused herself, Judge Jessica Recksiedler was to preside over the case. I mention this only to point out that Recksiedler is, for an educated woman, eminently bonerlicious…

Florida judge Jessica Recksiedler offered to recuse herself from the George Zimmerman case because her husband has ties to a CNN legal analyst and commentator.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Judge Recksiedler disclosed that her husband works for the law firm of Mark NeJame, a prominent Orlando attorney. In addition to working for his law firm, NeJame has been sounding off on the Zimmerman case for CNN.

NeJame said on CNN Friday that Recksiedler wants to avoid “the appearance of impropriety” with this disclosure.

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