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Karl Rove explains why the GOP won’t defund Obamacare: We don’t want to look unreasonable   July 11, 2013

Mark Levin justifiably implies that Judge Debra Nelson looks like a man

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To his credit, Official Establishment Spokeman Sean Hannity pressed Karl Rove on why the GOP, with Rove’s imprimatur, has refused to defund Obamacare– opting instead for toothless “repeal Obamacare” votes, which literally have zero effect on the law’s implementation…

“Uh, uh, uh, we really get into difficulty when we begin to do things that make it look like we’re trying to shut down the government…”

Sean Hannity Show July 11.

This is the same sack of rotten potatoes had the nerve to accuse Justin Amash of being too liberal…

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