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UK nazis arrest Christian for calling homosexuality a “sin”   July 5, 2013

Ted Cruz’ dad accurately compares Obama to Fidel Castro: “Just like a dictator”

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Even as their streets overflow with hooligans, rapists, and radical Islamic Imams— David Cameron’s jackbooted thugs scramble to subdue the imminent threat that is Tony Miano, an old, out-of-shape, harmless Christian preacher…

‘Homophobic’ would imply I am somehow afraid of homosexuals– I love homosexuals.

Tony Miano was held for 6 hours and had his fingerprints and DNA taken…

Mr Miano, who served as a Deputy Sherriff in Los Angeles County, said his experience suggested that the term “thought police” had become a reality in the UK.

He said he was amazed that it was now possible “in the country that produced the Magna Carta” for people to be arrested for what they say.

Mr Miano, who was provided with a solicitor by the Christian Legal Centre, was arrested under the controversial clause of the Public Order Act which bans “insulting” words or behaviour.

Note how quickly these brown shirts responded to this imminent threat– when compared to their response to terrorists literally cutting off a soldier’s head in the middle of the street…

That, apparently, was not a hate crime.

Miano’s website:

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