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Rush Limbaugh credits Free Republic for starting the Tea Party   July 3, 2013

Michael Savage’s CIA-style investigation concludes: George Zimmerman said “coons” during 911 call

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El Rushbo traces the roots of the Tea Party back to Free Republic

There was a group in the 1990’s that were malcontents, renegades, off the mainstream plantation of conservativism…and those are the people that were the early participants in the website Free Republic– they were known as ‘freepers’.

Rush Limbaugh Show July 3.

* The following clip has been edited for time as per MP’s loose journalistic standards.

Flashback: Free Republic justifiably bans Mitt Romney supporters…

Free Republic founder Jim Robinson has a message for supporters of Mitt Romney: go away.

In an email to POLITICO this afternoon, Robinson admitted that the site routinely blocks Romney supporters from posting — and offered no apologies for the practice.

That that ban was lifted in 2012 pains me to this day.

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