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Ted Cruz: Rand Paul filibustered to save lives, Wendy Davis filibustered to TAKE lives

Michael Savage: Another thing I hate about Marco Rubio is he refused to visit my Florida home

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Michael Savage: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are “water carriers” for the Republican Party

MFP & co. /   June 29, 2013 Tweet Email

Earlier this week, Michael Savage rejoiced in Sean Hannity’s rapidly declining TV ratings— which Savage attributed, in part, to Hannity’s constant and eager fellating of Marco Rubio.

On Friday, Savage again mocked Hannity and Rush Limbaugh for being so easily “hoodwinked” by Marco Rubio– the Trojan Poodle who has revealed himself to be a Luciferian, anti-American, al-Qaeda operative from the most wretched depths of hell…

“This is not easy for me to do…”

Savage Nation June 28.

* The following clip has been edited for time as per MP’s loose journalistic standards.

Friday: Rush admits Chuck Schumer used Marco Rubio to “neutralize” him…

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