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Dana Perino shouts “Chinaman” moments after accusing Paula Deen of racism   June 22, 2013

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To summarize:

  • Person A uses a racial slur commonly used during her formative years.
  • Person B accuses Person A of racial insensitivity.
  • Person B then proceeds to gleefully use racial slur.

Perino: Clearly, (Paula Deen) feels like she did something wrong, or she wouldn’t have done that weird YouTube video with all the Tammy Faye Baker makeup on. It was the most insincere apology I’ve ever seen.

You can like somebody and still think what they were doing was really wrong….allowing this type of racist joke– racial slurs.

Just seconds later…

No Chinamen!

I am not accusing Dana Perino of racism.

I’m accusing of her of is hypocrisy, pomposity, and a startling lack of self-awareness.

That said having been said, would totes smash…

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