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Pat Caddell: Obama is proving the “conspiracy nuts” right   June 9, 2013

Alex Jones gets into a shouting match with BBC Propaganda Minister Andrew Neil

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“The conspiracy nuts are going to be right. They’re not building that place in Utah for nothing…”

* The following clip has been edited for time as per MP’s loose journalistic standards.

Like most Americans, I took one look at Info Wars’ poorly designed website and dismissed it out of hand. But they totally called it in 2011: Utah Welcomes NSA Mega-Snoop Center…

Utah will be home to NSA’s mega-surveillance program under the aegis of the formerly secret Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative.

The DHS used the system to monitor social media networks during Barry Obama’s inauguration. “DHS collected a massive amount of data on individuals and organizations explicitly tied” to the inauguration, according to the documents obtained by the EFF.

The DHS-NSA collaboration to surveil the American people is part of National Security Presidential Directive 54/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 23, signed by Bush in early 2008. “This initiative created a series of classified programs with a total budget of approximately $30 billion. Many of these programs remain secret and their activities are largely unknown to the public,” reports Public Intelligence.

+1 Mr. Nimmo, +1.

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