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Venomous witch Nicolle Wallace mocks critics of NSA spying: “What are you so mad about?”   June 8, 2013

Mark Shields to fellow liberals: Would you still be defending NSA spying if Donald Trump was President?

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During the 2008 campaign, McCain-Palin Senior Adviser Nicolle Wallace was one of the primary sources for the anti-Sarah Palin leaks and the “going rogue” meme. Her fictious accounts were the basis for HBO’s libelous propaganda film Game Change.

Having ingratiated herself to left-wing power brokers, Wallace has since made a fortune selling books and making appearances on the back of smearing Sarah Palin and her family.

On Friday, this vile, demon-wench crawled out from under her sulfur-laden rock to defend NSA spying of Americans…

“They’re not looking for your home-shopping history!”

Morning Joe June 7.

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