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Ed Klein: Bill Clinton “furious” with Obama for waffling on deal to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016

MFP & co. /   June 3, 2013 Tweet Email

Unsubstantiated gossip…mmm, mmm mmm!

Author Ed Klein tells Sean Hannity that David Axelrod brokered a deal between Obama and the Clintons in which Obama agreed to A) endorse Hillary for 2016 and B) back her choice for DNC Chair, in exchange for the Clintons’ support in 2012. Since his reelection, however, Obama has waffled on the former and outright reneged on the latter (Obama backed Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ reelection).

The Clintons were understandably outraged, which led to an epically™ awkward dinner.

And most importantly: Yes, Oprah is still mad at Obama…

Sean Hannity June 3.

Blackberry? Really?

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