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Alex Jones: Bill O’Reilly has trouble getting women because “he looks like a giant ferret”   June 1, 2013

Rand Paul: Let’s eliminate the Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, and HUD

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Alex Jones isn’t taking being labeled a purveyor of hate speech by some hypocritical d-bag laying down…

“No wonder he can’t get women. If you were a woman would you want to get anywhere near that guy? He looks like a giant ferret or something…the 250 lb. demonic ferret…”

Via Info Wars…

That escalated quickly.

Hey, remember that time Bill O’Reilly paid millions to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit?

Bill O’Reilly was sued by Factor associate producer Andrea Mackris, who in her complaint alleged years of quid pro quo sexual harassment from her boss, who played “a morally upright, independent political pundit” on television but had a proclivity for one-sided phone sex.

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