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Rush Limbaugh: Rubiocare will grant “instant citizenship” to illegal aliens   May 28, 2013

Laura Ingraham accurately describes Marco Rubio as Chuck Schumer’s “poodle”

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“They know if they put this in the legislation, it’s not gonna pass– so this is how they’re gonna get it…all you gotta do is go to a federal judge that agrees with the liberals and bammo! You’ve got instant citizenship…”

Rush Limbaugh Show May 28.

When Marco Rubio claims that his immigration bill requires an arduous 13-year path to citizenship, during which illegal aliens would be ineligible for Obamacare and other benefits– he knows full-well that those provisions will be immediately overturned by a liberal judge.

It is a scheme so transparently destructive that Kim Jong-Rubio has taken to employing Soviet-style propaganda infomercials to try to deceive the masses…

Do your patriotic duty: Sign the petition to arrest Marco Rubio as an enemy combatant.

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