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Mark Levin thinks Bill O’Reilly’s books are stupid: “Keep It Pithy, Killing This One, Killing That One, Child’s version…”   May 6, 2013

Sean Hannity interviews pilot who flew drones over Benghazi during the attack

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The sheer speed at which Bill O’Reilly writes hundred-page book after hundred-page book– while hosting the top-rated program in all of cable news is almost inhuman. Why, if I didn’t know Bill O’Reilly better– I might suspect that his book-writing prowess is a cynical money-making operation in which O’Reilly releases ghostwritten works under his name to scheme “the folks” out of their hard-earned money.

Mark Levin has no trouble making that implication…

“I don’t know where the man finds the time to hire these ghostwriters…”

Mark Levin Show May 6.

Last week: Bob Beckel mocks O’Reilly for claiming Killing Jesus contains new information about Jesus Christ

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