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Adam Carolla: The Boston Marathon bombing is getting more media coverage than it deserves   April 19, 2013

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The Boston Marathon bombing is receiving disproportionate coverage relative to the number of lives lost– especially considering 5x the number of people were killed in the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, so sayeth the Aceman…

“Boston is 3 people dead…during the course of this podcast, that many people x 10 die on the highway…”

Adam Carolla Show April 19.

Real talk: 3 people died in a country of 350 million. Do we really need another round of Obama speeches, candlelight vigils, televised memorial services, and tacky, celebrity musical tributes?

Friendly reminder: 40 people were struck and killed by lightning in 2011…

Estimated number of U.S. Deaths: 40
Estimated number of actual Injuries: 360

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