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Imus and Stuart Varney argue about whether the Boston Marathon bombing was a “tragedy” or an “outrage”   April 17, 2013

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“You are an idiot…”

Imus in the Morning April 17.

Technically speaking, Varney is correct. The word “tragedy” generally refers to accidents or unfortunate twists of fate.

That being said, the correct answer is: “overreaction”.

3 deaths, in a country of 350 million, however tragic or outrageous though it may have been, does not warrant a week’s worth of national mourning and contemplation. Consider that far more people are struck and killed by lightning each year (incidentally, being struck by lightning would be, by definition, “tragic”).

That we will now earnestly engage in a national debate about how we can prevent attacks that kill 3 people from ever happening again, is a symptom, if not the cause, of our decline.

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