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Mark Levin defends Obama’s right to kill American citizens without due process

Charles Krauthammer mocks Rand Paul: “Ridiculous and absurd”


Rush Limbaugh distances himself from “neocons”, embraces Rand Paul’s foreign policy

MFP & co. /   March 9, 2013 Tweet Email

“The neocons are worried that they are being undermined…Rand Paul made a connection with the American people…”

Rush Limbaugh Show March 8.

Real talk: During the Bush years, many of us on the Right felt compelled to defend President Bush from unfair, liberal attacks. In doing so, we were forced to embrace big government policies like No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, out of control spending, and an interventionist foreign policy that George W. Bush himself didn’t always agree with…

2000: I’m not sure the role of the United States is to go around the world and say: ‘This is how it’s gotta be’.

After 12 years of Afghanistan and 10 years of Iraq, the prospect of endless wars with a limitless battlefield suddenly has a very “end of the Roman Republic” ring to it.

Friday: PBS’ Eleanor Clift accuses Rand Paul of treason

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