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Adam Carolla dares the Huffington Post to try to boycott him: “Go ahead, p***ies!”   March 8, 2013

Joe Trippi defends Rand Paul: McCain and Graham are just jealous

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Adam Carolla reacted angrily to accusations of racism stemming from his heated interview with California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom: “Me saying families and cultures should focus on education is not radical or revolutionary, it’s the f—ing truth!”

After accurately referring to Gavin Newsom, the Huffington Post, and the media in general as “f—ing coward p—ies”, Adam Carolla pledged that he would never apologize, and dared them to try to boycott his show…

Go ahead p—ies! Get your boycott going! I OWN THE F—ING BUILDING!


Adam Carolla Podcast March 8.

Listen to the the Adam Carolla-Gavin Newsom interview HERE.

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