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Rush Limbaugh accurately blames feminazis for declining life expectancy among women   March 5, 2013

Iowa State Rep. Tedd Gassman justifiably wonders if divorce will make his 16-year-old granddaughter “promiscuous”

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“Women have long outlived men– but that was before the feminazis!”

Rush Limbaugh Show March 5.

Context: Study shows declining life span for some US women…

A new study offers more compelling evidence that life expectancy for some U.S. women is actually falling, a disturbing trend that experts can’t explain.

The latest research found that women age 75 and younger are dying at higher rates than previous years in nearly half of the nation’s counties – many of them rural and in the South and West. Curiously, for men, life expectancy has held steady or improved in nearly all counties.

Not to be offensive, but honestly? 75-year-old women? Who really needs ’em?

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