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Rush Limbaugh accurately blames feminazis for declining life expectancy among women

Ted Cruz can’t get Eric Holder to say that using drones on Americans on US soil is “unconstitutional”

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Laura Ingraham on Jeb Bush 2016: “This is like a bad dream, again”

MFP & co. /   March 5, 2013 Tweet Email

“People accuse Mitt Romney of being a flip-flopper…this was a flip-flop within 23 hours!”

Laura Ingraham Show March 5.

Jeb Bush’s recent flip-flops are a thinly-veiled attempt to rhetorically outflank Marco Rubio with an eye towards 2016. But substantively, both support equally destructive amnesty plans.

Behold: Jeb Bush unveils his 6 point plan to trick conservatives into supporting amnesty

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