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The craziest idea that Sharron Angle has ever had is infinitely more sound than Obamacare   March 3, 2013

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The craziest, most outlandish thought that has ever entered Sharron Angle’s mind, is infinitely more sound than Obamacare, and Injustice Roberts’ decision to take it upon himself to legalize it.

Nothing Todd Akin has ever said in defense of life, could be more extreme than what Obama has argued in favor of infanticide…

Perhaps Obama’s best-known and most controversial votes during his time in the state Senate were the ones he cast against the Infant Born Alive Protection Act, which would have mandated care for children who were delivered after an unsuccessful late-term abortion.

The GOP establishment decries what it calls Tea Party “wackos, weirdos, and witches”…

I would remind Michael Barone and the GOP establishment that the biggest wacko, weirdo, and witch in the United States resides in the White House.

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