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Karl Rove claims he supported Rand Paul’s 2010 Tea Party candidacy   February 17, 2013

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In 2010, Karl Rove and the GOP establishment rallied around Trey Grayson against Tea Party insurgent Rand Paul…

Republicans have also recruited good candidates for their open seats. New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is competitive, as are Ohio’s Rob Portman and Missouri’s Roy Blunt. Republicans in Florida have to get through a primary fight, but either Gov. Charlie Crist or former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio will likely hold the seat. Only Kentucky’s open seat vacated by Jim Bunning causes the GOP squeamishness.

But now that Rand Paul is a GOP star, Karl Rove is using his name to defend his anti-Tea Party group Establishment Victory Project— pretending he was a Rand supporter all along…

Via Mediaite: “Fewer Christine O’Donnells and more Rand Pauls…”


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